‘National’ Wrap-up

We had a wonderful time at the National Folk Festival over Easter, where we had the great privilege of performing at “Festival Folk Sing Judy Small” – a concert and CD launch celebrating the songs of the “grande dame of Australian folk music”, Judy Small.  We sung our rendition of Sky of the Southern Cross to a packed venue and enjoyed everyone else’s fabulous interpretations and were joined by Judy herself for the finale.  Rebecca was also very excited to be invited by Judy to play cello and sing with her at her concert on Sunday night.  Those of you who have been following Rebecca for many years may recall that Judy has been hugely influential and inspirational to her, both personally and professionally, so having the opportunity to play with Judy was definitely a career highlight!
On stage during the "Festival Folk Sing Judy Small" concert;   Photo by Dave McBadger

On stage during the “Festival Folk Sing Judy Small” concert; Photo by Dave McBadger

For more information about “Festival Folk Sing” visit www.facebook.com/Festivalfolk.  All proceeds from the album go to the Troubadour Foundation, an organisation set up to provide assistance and encouragement for the sustainability of Australian folk culture.

We also did a couple of blackboard sets at the National and met some lovely new friends in doing so.  (G’day!)  We had great fun playing and singing with our dear friends The Wish List and Donald made an impact with his be-kilted hip wiggles and tambourine skills during the  Infinite Bee Gees competition.  Donald also enjoyed his cameo role as a Scottish side-drummer during a Fred Smith and The Spooky Men’s Chorale concert, at the Budawang.  Rebecca enjoyed the last minute challenge of joining Frencham Smith on cello and vocals for three of their sets, including a special presentation of Fred Smith’s landmark album, “Bagarap Empires”.