Rebecca & Donald can often be found collaborating with other wonderful musicians.  Here are some of their present collaborative projects:

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The Ceilidh Clan –
The Ceilidh Clan is a 4-5 piece band with caller.  The Ceilidh Clan are able to bring the real spirit of a ‘ceilidh’ to Australia with a full programme of genuinely traditional entertainment for any form Scottish themed event (e.g. St Andrews NIght, Hogmanay, weddings, dances), providing traditional music and songs and dances with a caller to explain all the moves so that everyone can feel confident on the dance-floor.
The band comprises of Emma Nixon (fiddle and vocals), Nicole Murray (fiddle, flute, guitar, percussion, vocals and calling), Rebecca Wright (cello, guitar and vocals), Davydd MacDonald (guitar, fiddle and calling) and Donald McKay (calling, requinto, bodhran and vocals). View Promotional Video

With a similar lineup to The Ceilidh Clan, The Jiggles are the Scottish dance band for your little ones.  The Jiggles will teach the kids basic dance moves and simple songs to keep them entertained at kids festivals and parties.The-Jiggles-stars-web

The Secret History of
The Secret History Show is a presentation of songs and stories about Queensland history. These compelling tales of the past are delivered through music, song and stories, all illustrated by live sand-painting, digitally projected for audiences of all sizes and ages. The show can be performed as a theatre presentation or as an interactive, child-centred school performance.

The Wish List
Nicole Murray (Cloudstreet) and Emma Nixon show of their expertise in fiddle-singing as their duo “The Wish List”.  The duo was partially created so that they could perform with their wish-list of musicians.  This list includes Rebecca & Donald.

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Mark Cryle & the Civil
Rebecca & Donald join Bridget Masters to play with Mark Cryle as “Mark Cryle and the Civil Union”.  This four piece play a arrangements of Mark Cryle’s original songs with fiddle tunes and some traditional numbers thrown into the mix.

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Gone Molly – Reverbnation webpage
Rebecca joins the beautiful songwriter and vocalist Sally Harris to bring you sweet and soft balladry, session choruses and the dark refrains of folk storytelling.  Orchestral, ethereal, heart-pounding and thought-provoking, Gone Molly lends a contemporary voice to songs with roots in the Anglo-Celtic tradition.

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