Folk Rag, Sept 2012

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“Joys that never weary” – Review by Mal Lloyd

This album opens somewhat biographically with the traditional song Leezie Lindsay. The first verse has Donald McKay asking Rebecca Wright…umm…sorry, Leezie, to be his wife. Donald’s rich strong voice gives full credibility to his claim to be a chieftain of highest degree. In her characteristically clear tones Rebecca replies that this couldn’t possibly happen, but of course we now know she didn’t mean that. As they join in the chorus we are treated to their beautiful harmonies. These are two voices that each have their own distinctive character but blend perfectly.

The second song, Baking Bread, was written by Michael Kennedy but I felt that the
sentiments being voiced could easily be Rebecca’s own. Taking that along with Rebecca’s
Today’s the Day, which reveals some of the angst of a writer, and Real this time, one of
her earlier compositions, I sensed that I was being invited into the singers’ home to share a
little of their daily life. It was only after that recognition that I read Rebecca’s own wish in
the CD cover – This album hopefully captures some of the joy and spirit of the beginning of
our journey together….. Yes Rebecca, I believe that it does.

Other tracks take us through laughter, quiet reflection, and a rollicking shanty written by
Donald with additional vocals by Cloudstreet.

The instrumental accompaniment never intrudes upon the voices but it is well worth paying
attention to. Donald plays a Spanish requinto guitar which gives a subtly different sound to that most often heard in British/Australian folk music. His accomplished bodhran playing is also distinctive. Rebecca adds her own skilled guitar picking and of course the glorious cello.
Any CD that mentions the two main necessities of life, hugs and chocolate cake, is a must
to have in your collection. They are indeed Joys that never weary.


Tannahill Rose