Festival Folk Sing Judy Small

Festival Folk sing Judy SmalThe aim of ‘festival folk sing…’ is to celebrate the most important singers and songwriters that influence Australian lovers of music, in 2013 Judy Small was the featured singer-songwriter.  Artists that regularly perform at Australian festivals were invited to record a track for this compilation CD, which was released at the 2013 National Folk Festival.  The result is a beautiful collection of songs which highlight the works of Judy Small. 

Track 1. “Sky of the Southern Cross” – Rebecca Wright
Track 2. “Stolen Jems” – Jane Thomson
Track 3. “From the lambing to the wool” – Mandy Connell
Track 4. “The Future Exchange” – Penelope Swales
Track 5. “You don’t speak for Me” – Ami Williamson
Track 6. “Turn right go straight” – Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies
Track 7. “Charlesworth Bay” – One Step Forward
Track 8. “Mary Parker’s Lament” – Peggy Seeger
Track 9. “Bridget Evans” – Fay White
Track 10. “Love is a fearsome thing” – Tangled Web
Track 11. “Walls and windows” – The Fagans
Track 12. “One voice in the crowd” – Jenny Fitzgibbon
Track 13. “Until….” – Edna Kenny
Track 14. “Lesbian Chic” – Glenys ‘Willie’ Wilson


All profits from the sale of the album go to the music charity ‘The Troubadour Foundation‘.  Details of outlets will be provided in due course.