Over Burns and Braes

Rebecca & Donald continue to share their arrangements of traditional Scottish and contemporary Australian folk, in this beautifully presented 2016 album release.

OBaB Front coverTrack listing:
1.      Maggie Lauder
2.      Hey Ca’ Thro’
3.      Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell
4.      Sky of the Southern Cross
5.      Braes of Balquither
6.      Sailaway Lullaby
7.      Battle of Sherramuir
8.      Highland Harry
9.      Ca’ the Yowes
10.     Pre-Marital, Presently-Packing, Post-Production Blues
11.     Rest Your Head

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“A stunningly gorgeous album… The recording quality is superb, the artwork and packaging is quite exquisite, and the 11 songs are a sheer delight.”
Ian Dearden, Tryst Records